Earning FBC

How do I earn FBC tokens?

Anyone has the potential to earn FBC tokens. In order to earn FBC tokens, you will first need to do work that you deem to be beneficial to the FBFly DAO. Once you have completed the work, create a Proposal on the DAO, say how many FBC tokens you would like to be rewarded and a link to your proof of work. Existing FBC token holders will then vote on your proposal to say if they agree or not with the amount of FBC tokens you are requesting. It’s worth noting that the more FBC tokens you request, the more token holders need to support your Proposal in order for it to pass.

Do I always have to do the work before I can receive FBC tokens?

Only if you’re a completely new member and it’s your first proposal. If you’ve already submitted a proposal that passed and you successfully received FBC tokens, you’re able to instead propose work and the amount of FBC tokens you want to complete it before you actually do the work. This small nuance is designed to limit untrusted and unruly DAO members from depleting the FBC token supply and taking over the DAO.

How much FBC tokens should I request for work done?

The short answer is, it depends. There is not yet a publicly traded market for FBC tokens to be able to validate the price although anyone could create one using market making protocols such as Uniswap and adding liquidity of another token that does have a monetary value (such as xDAI) to the xDAI/FBC pool. Until that time, we are assuming that 1 FBC = 1 USD. The amount of FBC tokens you request should therefore be in line with market rates for the work you performed.